These are the four most terrifying words that most of us will thankfully never hear. The reason that our blood runs cold when we hear these words is the uncertainty. What will happen to me? Will I get out of jail? What will happen during my trial? Added to the stress is the fact that after you have been charged it may take at least a year to come to trial.

Most clients ask ‘what am I supposed to do’. All too often the answers are wait, or stay out of trouble, or go back to work. This causes many clients to seek advice from friends or others and they worry all the more! Surely there is something you can do!

Crystal and Associates has developed a method whereby you, the client, in combination with the legal team, can craft a bail plan, or sentencing and trial strategies which have been remarkably effective. The secret is that Crystal and Associates incorporates you as the client and has you participate in your defense, be it obtaining treatment or assisting in interpretation of some documents in your disclosure. In this way Crystal and Associates manages the uncertainty and stress on the part of the client, and in the case of sentencing or bail plans often put into place plans that the courts will endorse.

As Michael Crystal in his article “The Therapeutic Sentence: Chicken Soup for an Ailing Criminal Court”1….puts it: At the heart of the Therapeutic Jurisprudence (TJ) sentence exists that notion that a therapeutic remedy can be crafted and partially served prior to the actual sentencing hearing, The benefit of having the client serve this unofficial sentence is that the proposed remedy is allowed to accumulate inertia thereby generating results which can be employed at the actual sentencing hearing. In cases where a positive track record is produced by the client, counsel is placed in the enviable position of inviting the court to join him in supporting a workable disposition.

Crystal and Associates considers all the circumstances of the person and uses their legal and therapeutic experience to craft bail plans, or sentencing strategies to enable the court to endorse the very plans that you created.

Author – Michael Crystal