Ashish Duvadie

Ashish Duvadie has a Bachelor of Science in Finance (B.Sc.) from USA and a Jurist Doctorate in Law (J.D.) from Canada. Ashish Duvadie is also a member of the Law Society of Upper Canada; County of Carlton Law Association (Ottawa); Advocate Society and Criminal Lawyers Association. Ashish Duvadie’s law practice pertains to Criminal, Divorce, Family and Canadian Immigration Laws.

In summer holidays, Ashish Duvadie interned at the State Farm Mutual Insurance Company’s Insurance Claim handling department. Here he works to investigate various types of insurance claims and possible frauds. This required Ashish Duvadie to work with lawyers, police officers, investigators and be part of the American Judicial system. Not to mention, the work allowed Ashish Duvadie to travel extensively to many small towns and cities in the Mid-West of America. It gave Ashish Duvadie a good prospective about people and helped him developed a much deeper understanding of hard working citizens.

During Ashish Duvadie’s university years in Canada and while pursing the law degrees, he also worked as an intern at the Department of Justice Canada. Further, Ashish Duvadie has volunteered in local communities for various events and organizations such as Social Planning Counsel of Ottawa. In his law practice, Ashish Duvadie have appeared in front of the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada, Immigration Appeal Division, Ontario Court of Justice, Ontario Superior Court of Justice, Ontario Court of Appeal, and other various Canadian Administrative Tribunals.

Ashish Duvadie believes that each person before justice deserves a fair and impartial hearing/trial. There are situations, where in the interest of a given client, his/her case might have to be resolved out of court. On the other hand, taking a case to a trial would ensure a result that is just, fair and in client’s best interest.

Ashish Duvadie vigorously defend his clients and brings together other participants in the justice system such as experts, investigators and organizations to employ distinct strategies. A successful legal case is based on thorough research, investigation, sound understanding of laws and client’s file. Ashish Duvadie promises to do so for each and every client.

Ashish Duvadie’s legal professional experience includes conducting trials and handling of complex cases in the areas of Canadian Criminal Law such as white collar crimes, Copyright Violations, Taxation, Customs Act, Sexual Assault, Aggravated Assault; Family and Divorce Law; and Canadian Immigration hearing and appeals.