Michael Crystal 

Trial and Appellate Lawyer

As a lawyer with over 28 years of experience, I know what it means for the average person to have their lives turned upside down by criminal charges. I started my career as a public defender and since that time I have had a front row seat observing the devastations to individuals and their families going through the criminal justice system.

The one and only promise I make to my clients is that when you retain my services, I will do everything in my power as an advocate to fight for your interests.

I believe success is shaped by both an intense client-centered strategy as well as a team approach.

As a designated specialist (by the Law Society of Ontario) in criminal law and as a part-time law professor, I reject the notion of simply considering traditional criminal law methods and seek to forge new ones.

My goal is to make the process easier on you, to make sure you feel like you are not alone. To do this, I will treat you like a person instead of a client and make sure, in conjunction with other professionals that all of your legal, emotional and psychosocial needs are addressed at every stage of the criminal justice process.